In this section, users can research assistance and cooperation offers made under Article X of the Biological Weapons Convention. The table below provides a summary of offers made. Please click "Filter" to refine the search. Click the Index Number to find out further details on each individual offer.

Index Number Year of Offer Offer Title Type of Offer Offering State Partysort descending Status
O_14_2014 2014 Australia Group assistance to develop, review and maintain national export controls Legislative Assistance Australia Available
O_04_2013 2013 Virtual CBM Assistance Confidence Building Measures (CBMs) related Assistance Canada Available
O_03_2017 2017 Scholarship to certify the technical competency of individuals engaged in biorisk management and biosecurity practices in the East African region Capacity Building, Training and Education Canada Available
O_02_2012 2012 Legislative assistance to ensure the non-proliferation of CBRN weapons and related materials in Latin America and Southeast Asia Legislative Assistance Canada Available
O_01_2018 2018 International Workshop on Biosafety Laboratory Management and Techniques Capacity Building, Training and Education China Available
O_14_2015 2015 Postgraduate and advising courses which may be given by Cuban researchers in Cuba and abroad Capacity Building, Training and Education Cuba Available
O_25_2015 2015 Summer courses: Advanced diagnosis of pests harming economically important crops and integrated pest management Disease Surveillance and Detection Cuba Available
O_15_2015 2015 Obtaining of nano-compounds for the early detection of bacteria in clinical and water samples, specially E. Coli, through a combination of ceramics or nano-structured earths and their combinations with polymeric matrixes and fluorogenic substrates Disease Surveillance and Detection Cuba Available
O_06_2015 2015 Medical brigades Emergency Response and Assistance Cuba Available
O_26_2015 2015 Yearly courses on various subjects Capacity Building, Training and Education Cuba Available