Index NumberYear of OfferOffer TitleType of OfferOffering State PartyOffer taken up by State PartyStatus
O_1_20232023Medical Biodefense Conference, MunichCapacity Building, Training and EducationGermanyAvailable
O_04_20212021Offer of virtual assistance with CBM reportingConfidence Building Measures (CBMs) related AssistanceUnited StatesAvailable
O_03_20212021Regulatory assistance to ensure the non-malevolent use of pathogensLegislative AssistanceFranceAvailable
O_02_20212021Strengthening the Culture of Biosafety, Biosecurity, and Responsible Conduct in the Life SciencesBiorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)United StatesAvailable
O_01_20212021Unit for Urgent Response to Biological ThreatsEmergency Response and AssistanceFranceAvailable
O_10_20202020US Department of Agriculture (USDA) international fellowship programs and non-emergency assistance programsVarious (many options above are relevant)United StatesAvailable
O_09_20202020Agricultural Research Service (ARS) programsBiorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)United StatesAvailable
O_08_20202020Animal and Plant Health Joint Criminal and Epidemiological Investigations TrainingCapacity Building, Training and EducationUnited StatesAvailable
O_07_20202020Animal and Plant Health Inspection ServiceCapacity Building, Training and EducationUnited StatesAvailable
O_06_20202020Integrated Disease Surveillance and ResponseVarious (many options above are relevant)United StatesAvailable
O_05_20202020Field Epidemiology Training ProgramsVarious (many options above are relevant)United StatesAvailable
O_04_20202020Cooperative Biological Engagement Program / Biological Threat Reduction ProgramVarious (many options above are relevant)United StatesAvailable
O_03_20202020U.S. Agency for International DevelopmentVarious (many options above are relevant)United StatesAvailable
O_02_20202020Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP)Various (many options above are relevant)United StatesAvailable
0_01_20202020Global Health Security AgendaVarious (many options above are relevant)United StatesAvailable
O_01_20182018International Workshop on Biosafety Laboratory Management and TechniquesCapacity Building, Training and EducationChinaAvailable
O_03_20172017Scholarship to certify the technical competency of individuals engaged in biorisk management and biosecurity practices in the East African regionCapacity Building, Training and EducationCanadaAvailable
O_02_20172017Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) TRAIN ProgramCapacity Building, Training and EducationUnited StatesAvailable
O_01_20172017Capacity building for the advancement of science in developing countriesCapacity Building, Training and EducationItalyAvailable
O_01_20162016National Epidemiological Surveillance System (SINAVE)Disease Surveillance and DetectionMexicoAvailable
O_35_20152015Training of human resources on various issues related to biosafety and biosecurity, including the training of inspectors in Biosafety and Biosecurity and expert advice and risk assessorsBiorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)CubaAvailable
O_34_20152015Assistance on the preparation of Confidence-Building Measures FormsConfidence Building Measures (CBMs) related AssistanceCubaAvailable
O_33_20152015Expert advice about the implementation of Systems to accounting and control biological agents, equipment and technologyCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_32_20152015Technical assistance abroad by trained professionals in the provision of diagnostic and surveillance phytosanitary and quarantine services in port, airport and borderDisease Surveillance and DetectionCubaAvailable
O_31_20152015Advising, training and tech. assistance on infection and pest diagnosis in manufacturing systems, propagation materials, development prgms for seeds and varieties, post-harvest work, storage sites, transportation and marketing of agro-business productsDisease Surveillance and DetectionCubaAvailable
O_30_20152015Advising on the design and management of agricultural production systems to attain pest agro-ecological managementCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_29_20152015Advising on capacity building for pest management in crops, storerooms and facilitiesCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_28_20152015Advising on the adoption of technologies for the manufacture and use of biological resources and the design and commissioning of laboratories and manufacturing facilities of biological agent for agricultural pest control (microorganisms and insects)Capacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_27_20152015Technical advising, training and assistance on pest quality control analysis, their residues in crops and the environment, as well as on procedures for ascertaining top residue limits and the safe handling of formulates and innocuous waste disposalCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_26_20152015Yearly courses on various subjectsCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_25_20152015Summer courses: Advanced diagnosis of pests harming economically important crops and integrated pest managementDisease Surveillance and DetectionCubaAvailable
O_24_20152015Master and Doctor's degree programmesScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_23_20152015Training for graduates Scientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_22_20152015Magazines 'Salud Animal' and 'Protección Vegetal' plus books and full text of publicationsScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_21_20152015XX INCA International Scientific CongressScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_20_20152015Master courses on plant nutrition and biofertilizersScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_19_20152015Collaborative Curricular Doctor's degreesScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_18_20152015Training, courses and diplomas on research lines and themesScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_17_20152015Journal 'Revista de Cultivos Tropicales'Scientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_16_20152015Development of new products for microbiological diagnosisDisease Surveillance and DetectionCubaAvailable
O_15_20152015Obtaining of nano-compounds for the early detection of bacteria in clinical and water samples, specially E. Coli, through a combination of ceramics or nano-structured earths and their combinations with polymeric matrixes and fluorogenic substratesDisease Surveillance and DetectionCubaAvailable
O_14_20152015Postgraduate and advising courses which may be given by Cuban researchers in Cuba and abroadCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_13_20152015Advising on the various lines of work of the Institute, specifically on practices for human infection control, related to technical, methodological and logistic mattersCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_12_20152015Training in the form of Doctor and Master´s degrees, summer courses, regular courses and training as requestedCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_11_20152015Publications, namely, the Revista Cubana de Medicina Tropical and the IPK Boletín EpidemiológicoScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_10_20152015Training programs on all veterinary medicine activities, including prevention, epizootiologic surveillance systems and food safetyCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
O_09_20152015International CongressScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_08_20152015International cooperation and assistance on laboratory animal science and product evaluationScientific Cooperation and Joint ResearchCubaAvailable
O_07_20152015Qualified specialists for biological emergencies and serious epidemicsEmergency Response and AssistanceCubaAvailable
O_06_20152015Medical brigades Emergency Response and AssistanceCubaAvailable
O_05_20152015Animal health and welfare and public healthDisease Surveillance and DetectionUnited KingdomAvailable
O_04_20152015Legislative assistance to ensure the non-proliferation of CBRN weapons and related materialsLegislative AssistanceUnited KingdomAvailable
O_03_20152015Biosafety & Biosecurity Training CoursesBiorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)United KingdomAvailable
O_02_20152015Specialist and bespoke CBRN use response/command and control training courses for first respondersEmergency Response and AssistanceUnited KingdomAvailable
O_01_20152015CBM Advice and AssistanceConfidence Building Measures (CBMs) related AssistanceUnited KingdomAvailable
O_14_20142014Australia Group assistance to develop, review and maintain national export controlsLegislative AssistanceAustraliaAvailable
O_10_20142014Field Epidemiology Training Program (FETP)Disease Surveillance and DetectionUnited StatesAvailable
O_09_20142014Integrated Disease Surveillance and ResponseDisease Surveillance and DetectionUnited StatesAvailable
O_06_20142014U.S.Department of Agriculture Programs (USDA)Disease Surveillance and DetectionUnited StatesAvailable
O_05_20142014The Agricultural Research Service (ARS)Disease Surveillance and DetectionUnited StatesAvailable
O_02_20142014Cooperative Biological Engagement ProgramDisease Surveillance and DetectionUnited StatesAvailable
O_01_20142014Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP)Biorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)United StatesAvailable
O_04_20132013Virtual CBM AssistanceConfidence Building Measures (CBMs) related AssistanceCanadaAvailable
O_02_20122012Legislative assistance to ensure the non-proliferation of CBRN weapons and related materials in Latin America and Southeast AsiaLegislative AssistanceCanadaAvailable