Index NumberYear of OfferOffer TitleType of OfferOffering State PartyOffer taken up by State PartyStatus
USA_7_20242024Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS)Capacity Building, Training and EducationUnited StatesAvailable
USA_6_20242024Event-based Surveillance Team Response Analytics, Decision Support, and Surveillance BranchEmergency Response and AssistanceUnited StatesAvailable
USA_5_20242024Biological Threat Reduction Program Biorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)United StatesAvailable
USA_4_20242024Global Public Health Emergency Branch (GPHEB) Emergency Response and AssistanceUnited StatesAvailable
USA_3_20242024Field Epidemiology Training ProgramsCapacity Building, Training and EducationUnited StatesAvailable
USA_2_20242024Offer of Virtual Assistance with CBM ReportingConfidence Building Measures (CBMs) related AssistanceUnited StatesAvailable
USA_1_20242024Biosecurity Engagement Program (BEP)Biorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)United StatesAvailable
THA_1_20242024Biosafety and Biosecurity Training Biorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)ThailandAvailable
RUS_3_20242024Online Training Course: Highly Dangerous Animal Diseases (Foot-and-Mouth Disease; FMD, African Swine Fever; ASF, Lumpy Skin Disease; LSD, Avian Influenza, and Rabies disease) Capacity Building, Training and EducationRussian FederationAvailable
RUS_2_20242024Online Training Course: Highly Dangerous Infectious Diseases: Microbiology, Epidemiology and BiosafetyCapacity Building, Training and EducationRussian FederationAvailable
RUS_1_20242024Online Training Course: Vaccination as a Method of Combating Biological Threats Capacity Building, Training and EducationRussian FederationAvailable
NOR_1_20242024Capacity Building Course in the Framework of Article X- ‘Virus Detection and Biosecurity’ & ‘Science Diplomacy’ Capacity Building, Training and EducationNorwayUtilized
DEU_1_20242024Global-Partnership-Initiated-Biosecurity-Academia for Controlling Health Threats (GIBACHT)-2024Capacity Building, Training and EducationGermanyImplementation ongoing
DEU_1_20232023Medical Biodefense Conference, MunichCapacity Building, Training and EducationGermanyUtilized
CUB_3_20232023The Cuban National Health System Biorisk Management ProgrammeBiorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)CubaAvailable
CUB_2_20232023Cuban Biological Weapons Convention National Contact Point Biosafety and Biosecurity Programme and CBMsCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
CUB_1_20232023The Pedro Kouri Institute of Tropical Medicine Capacity Building ProgrammeCapacity Building, Training and EducationCubaAvailable
FRA_1_20212021Unit for Urgent Response to Biological ThreatsEmergency Response and AssistanceFranceAvailable
FRA_02_20212021Regulatory assistance to ensure the non-malevolent use of pathogensLegislative AssistanceFranceAvailable
CHN_01_20182018International Workshop on Biosafety Laboratory Management and TechniquesCapacity Building, Training and EducationChinaAvailable
ITA_1_20172017Capacity building for the advancement of science in developing countriesCapacity Building, Training and EducationItalyAvailable
O_01_20162016National Epidemiological Surveillance System (SINAVE)Disease Surveillance and DetectionMexicoAvailable
GBR_5_20152015Animal health and welfare and public healthDisease Surveillance and DetectionUnited KingdomAvailable
GBR_4_20152015Legislative assistance to ensure the non-proliferation of CBRN weapons and related materialsLegislative AssistanceUnited KingdomAvailable
GBR_3_20152015Biosafety & Biosecurity Training CoursesBiorisk Management (incl. Biosafety and Biosecurity)United KingdomAvailable
GBR_2_20152015Specialist and bespoke CBRN use response/command and control training courses for first respondersEmergency Response and AssistanceUnited KingdomAvailable
GBR_1_20152015CBM Advice and AssistanceConfidence Building Measures (CBMs) related AssistanceUnited KingdomAvailable
AUS_1_20142014Australia Group assistance to develop, review and maintain national export controlsLegislative AssistanceAustraliaAvailable